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AVSI Case Studies:

Skipton Building Society

When Skipton Building Society decided to replace their document imaging system, they had millions of images covering many years with complex indexing that they needed to move to a new and incompatible system.

AVSI developed a plan to load images and indexes from their obsolete optical disks systems then process the indexes and convert the graphic images to allow import in to their new system.  The process had to run concurrently with their usual workload, in secure conditions and in conformance with their financial compliance obligations.  We created drivers to connect our systems to their hardware and software to convert the graphics, including more up-to-date and efficient graphic compression.

Working in close cooperation with the new system suppliers, this complex and exacting process was successfully completed on time and on budget.  A rigorous QA process included detecting corrupt data and recovering from old off-site backups, resulting in a more complete on-line dataset than was available before the process began.

The exact scale of the operation is confidential but it involved more than 10 Million documents, some documents containing hundreds of individual pages.  The final system switchover was performed over a weekend with no disruption to normal business.

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