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The complex and evolving world of business technology inevitably means that organisations need to update themselves constantly on the latest developments. The future is unpredictable, mistakes can be costly and you need the very best guidance and advice available if you're to avoid them.

How we can help

Management Consultancy

Because of our technical expertise and practical experience within a variety of business environments we have on occasion been commissioned to undertake this kind of service. Two examples are to develop an Electronic Commerce strategy and implement it for a major government department and to run a global data exchange project involving over 100 different parties.

Data Communications and Messaging

This is our principal area of expertise. Whether it's selecting the right software and Network for electronic commerce to make your business run more effectively, or dealing with Internet security issues, AVSI is here to help.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

EDM is increasingly making an impact on the business community. Digitised documents are easily stored and can be processed as you wish - often by home based staff. Typical EDM applications include customer service letters, application forms, claims etc. AVSI can assist in selecting the best EDM solution for your own business, including hardware, software and integration.

Hello, can we help you?

Computer Telephone Integration and Interactive Voice Response are simply ways of cutting down on time spent on the telephone dealing with routine enquiries and order processing. These technologies allow you to use your people more effectively.

Managing that project

AVSI is well known for its experience in complex project management, often involving several organisations in concert, and/or in partnership as sub-contractors. Another area in which we have considerable expertise is the development and promotion of consortia, which is becoming ever more important, particularly in the case of PPP Projects. Marketing and selling your IT and Communications products and services is a strong point of our orgasnisation. AVSI has an impressive track record of providing clients with exactly the strategic marketing and sales assistance they require and delivering multi million pound revenue streams as a direct result of their expertiese.

Developing and building business

Our consultants have been used in many high value new market start-ups and service re-launches for major corporates. For example, in the postal field we developed the first UK commercial database on CD-ROM of the Postcode Address File which tells postmen and mailing houses exactly where to go. We were instrumental in the development and launch of EDIPOST - an EDI to paper service.

Using the Internet effectively

We can provide advice and services to our clients enabling you to realise the commercial advantages of using the Internet effectively. See AVSI Internet Services. All our projects have been highly successful, with one service review and relaunch alone generating an additional 10m in the first year of operation.


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