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Internet Services

AVSI consultants work with clients to help them to discover how to make the Internet work for them. For some organisations, this may be just how to search and monitor the relevant information from the vast and exponentially increasing repository of the World Wide Web. For others, it may be how to use the Internet to as a channel for publishing, corporate PR, product advertising, catalogues or "virtual showrooms" with direct order entry, EDI etc.

Strategy Studies

From many years of experience in analysis and planning of major development strategies in electronic commerce, m-commerce and electronic publishing, AVSI consultants can help you to consider and evaluate the Internet alternative in your business communications strategy, and to provide comparative studies of applications and markets.

Systems Integration

AVSI can advise on the selection and sources of key hardware and software components and their integration into a total systems solution.

Database Publishing

For many advanced publishing operations, the Web is only the window into the underlying database. From many years of experience in developing databases for delivery on-line or on CD-ROM, AVSI consultants can provide impartial advice on selection of the right database software and other tools for building and maintaining high volume structured publications that will be readily adaptable to Web users while maintaining the security required.

Website Development

AVSI can provide advice on information structuring and preparation to provide a sound foundation for Website development, connection to existing or new back-office systems and full e-Commerce facilities including on-line payment systems.


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